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About Us

Hello, I am DelmaRae Menke the owner of Nauvoo Wedding Services.  We chose to move to Nauvoo, Illinois in 2002 with the intent of developing a business and to enjoy the rich history found here. 
I have a great love of history, of the life styles of the couragous people who built this place then left it after such a short period of time.  I feel sometimes that I was born in the wrong period of time, but I like living in this time of modern conveniences.  I do not know if I could have met their challenges with such courage.  I love walking where they have walked and feeling their love for this beautiful bend on the river. 
Indeed I have been blessed with a spirit of sharing the many talents that the Lord has blessed me with.  As in the Lord's parable of the talents, I feel that as I share these talents they will indeed multiply.  I do not want to be considered a unwise steward of the blessings I have received.
I started helping with church, scouting and community fund raising functions when I was just a child and have parents, friends and family that have shared their talents with me.
My grandmother started me on cake decorating when I was 12 and my mother on cooking and sewing when I was just 5.
I try to observe, listen and learn from all sources.
I have had several different kinds of businesses using these talents since I was 19 years old.
I know how hard and stressful it can be to plan those special events, but I feel that I can help ease this for all involved with what I have to offer.  I know how important it is to enjoy the event and not look back at the regrets of the stress that could be felt.  I want to share my "magic" with you.  Let me help you put the "magic" into your special event.

Nauvoo Wedding Services
DelmaRae Menke
315 S. Gordon St. PO Box 12
Nauvoo IL 62354

217-453-6818 Cell 217-430-2768